Reporter Questions Bill Belichick About Tom Brady's Shady Trainer


According to the Globe report, Guerrero, who has his own office near the Pats' locker room in Gillette Stadium, is no longer permitted to treat players other than Brady in the office. Guerrero told the New York Times Magazine in 2015 that conventional National Football League team trainers clashed with his methods "most of the time", adding that "everyone thinks I'm a kook and a charlatan".

He had previously been allowed on the sidelines and has traveled on the team's charger to games.

Brady and several other players have trained and received treatment there since the center opened in 2013, according to the newspaper. However, we don't actually know for sure that this is the reason, because neither Belichick nor Brady are commenting on the matter.

Guerrero collaborated with Brady on a best-selling book released this year, an exercise and nutrition self-help book called "The TB12 Method".

Even though the reporter rephrased the question, the exchange was already skidding off course.

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Brady has long credited the fitness and training regiment created by Guerrero with his incredible longevity and relative lack of injuries.

Because Brady is Brady, Guerrero had been given very privileged access to the Patriots locker room. His relationship with Brady became especially close in 2008 after the quarterback's season-ending knee injury in the first quarter of Week 1.

We have known about Tom Brady's personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, for some time. That led some staff members to approach Belichick with their concerns; however, according to the Globe report, Belichick indicated to the training staff that his hands were tied because of Brady's special status on the team. He's also had his team plane privileges revoked, and can not work with anyone other than Brady in his team office. "What am I supposed to do?" As far as practicing physical therapy, was he doing it without a license?

Belichick loathes distraction, and for most of the last decade and a half, Brady has been on the inside of Belichick's charmed circle.

While it sounds like Brady is still allowed to meet with Guerrero inside the team's facilities, other players not named Tom Brady now will have to head to the nearby TB12 Center if they wish to seek counsel from Guerrero.