Putin calls to thank Trump for Central Intelligence Agency tip that prevented terror attack


Russian President Vladimir Putin phoned President Trump on Sunday to thank him for a tip that stopped a potentially catastrophic bombing in St. Petersburg, the Kremlin announced.

The Kremlin said Putin phoned the United States president to thank him and to convey his gratitude to the CIA, adding that Russian security agencies would continue to provide any information they obtained about potential terror threats against the U.S., as it has done in the past.

Russian media reported last week that the Federal Security Service had detained followers of the Islamic State group who had been planning a suicide bomb attack on Kazansky Cathedral on Saturday.

A White House statement said "terrorists" were captured prior to an attack "that could have killed large numbers of people".

"Both leaders agreed that this serves as an example of the positive things that can occur when our countries work together", the readout said.

Returning militants from Syria pose a real threat to Russian Federation, the head of the FSB was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

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Russian Federation has repeatedly been the target of attacks by Islamist militant groups, including an attack in April that killed 14 people when an explosion tore through a train carriage in a metro tunnel in St. Petersburg.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Donald Trump to thank him for critical CIA intelligence that foiled several planned bombings on Russian soil.

Relations between Russian Federation and the United States remain tense.

US President Donald Trump criticized Russia Friday for not doing enough to pressure North Korea to halt its nuclear weapons program.

Sunday's call was the second time Trump and Putin had spoken in just four days. Putin has denied Moscow's roll in election hacks past year, although USA intelligence agencies have concluded the Kremlin was involved. Trump was additionally made a request to forward Putin's thankfulness to CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the knowledge authorities who got the data.