Now Follow Hashtags With This New Feature — Instagram Surprise


"When you find a hashtag that you like, open the hashtag name and click on the "Follow" button".

Facebook-owned Instagram has introduced the ability to follow hashtags.

Announced on Wednesday, Instagram said in a statement that it had officially rolled out the new feature, saying that following a hashtag would be the same as following a friend. Users can also unfollow these hashtags if they don't find them relevant anymore.

After you follow one, you'll be able see the top posts from it in your timeline and the latest stories tagged with it as well. Hashtags can be identified as hobbies, passions or communities, anything having a connection to the post.

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Anyone who uses Instagram on a regular basis already knows that the more hashtags you add to a photo, the more likes you'll probably get - that's why some hashtags are overrun with spam.

You can do this by Liking the updates you are interested in, and tapping the menu button above posts you don't want to see again and choosing the Don't Show for This Hashtag option. Once the user started following the hashtag, then they will start seeing posts related to that hashtag in their feed and the most recent stories in their stories bar.

Users can also check the hashtags other people follow in their profiles. Hashtags represent the many interests and passions of our community. However, Instagram reassures us that you can change your privacy settings to make sure only your followers are able to see those lists.