Netflix Announces "Black Mirror" Season 4 Premiere Date


Black Mirror's third season was the first debuted on Netflix, which saw Charlie Brooker score an Emmy for the critically acclaimed episode San Junipero.

"Arkangel" is parenting à la Black Mirror, wherein a kid wandering off a playground is clear proof that "the key to good parenting is control", which means punching needles directly into children's temples. Brooker is screenwriter of all chapters of new season (only one, USS Callister, signing it with William Bridges). Captain Daly (Jesse Plemons) welcomes Lieutenant Cole (Cristin Milioti), a new crew member, on board his starship. Perhaps it wasn't aiming to be as prescient, but this is Black Mirror, after all.

Black Mirror will help you ring in the New Year now that Netflix announced the fourth season of the anthology will premiere on Friday, Dec. 29, but just as 2018 holds so much mysterious potential, each season of Black Mirror is a mixed bag of bleak fortune-telling and hopeful optimism. But will Season 4 continue the series' trend of dropping in some happier moments? We're also very much looking forward to "Arkangel", which features a story directed by Jodie Foster about the "helicopter parents" of a young daughter and the new technology created to keep her "safe".

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It's a lot to take in, but don't worry, it's a lot more clear once you break it down into episodes.

Opening episode Crocodile is about a device that allows law enforcement to see the memories of people who witnessed a crime, so they can clear up details of what they saw or didn't see. "Metalhead" is the least engaging episode, plot-wise, though it does rank in terms of sustaining anxiety.

- Black Museum, directed by Colm McCarthy (The Girl with All the Gifts) and starring Douglas Hodge (The Night Manager, Catastrophe), Letitia Wright (Humans, Ready Player One), Babs Olusanmokun (Roots, The Defenders). Holding the thread of "White Christmas", Haynes inhabits Jon Hamm's con-man character, telling three stories that set up the final act. "I think it's wilder than maybe any of the other episodes". There are many layers to peel back there.