Microsoft updates Bing search engine to highlight hits from reputable sources


The features, which go live on Wednesday, are part of the search engine's efforts to address more obscure questions that don't have clear black and white answers.

New features starting to roll out include Intelligent Search, Intelligent Image Search and Conversational Search. The objective of such is to use machine learning to help users improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. "This is the first search partnership of its kind and includes three experiences; Reddit Responses, Reddit Community Results and Reddit AMA Discovery, with more to come", the company said.

Reddit and Microsoft have partnered to bring content from Reddit to Bing search.

If you need more details, check out the following spi, er, information: AI features in Office 365, Cortana updates, improved Bing search and adverts, tweaks to its AI-app-for-the-blind, eco-warrior neural networks, Redmond getting into AI healthcare, and computer-aided photo search. "What's more, the community's system of voting up helpful answers may help people find information other people have found useful". It combines recent breakthroughs in machine reading with the Bing knowledge graph to identify how many reputable sources an answer has, giving users more confidence that the answer is correct. There's no timeline available for the rollout of these features, but Cortana will soon be able to chain skills, helping interactions to feel more natural. For example, if you use the assistant to buy tickets, it will suggest adding the event to your calendar, according to the release. Insights begins rolling out in preview to Office insiders this month. Acronyms will scan through documents and emails and provide definitions for terms that have previously been defined. Commercial subscribers of Word Online and Office 365 will be able to use this feature in 2018.

Microsoft announces Reddit partnership, new AI features for Bing
Microsoft is giving Bing more intelligence—and a dash of Reddit

The company has made a decision to expand this set of AI-powered tools by bringing Cortana to the Outlook mobile app to help users better manage their schedules throughout the day.

"When it is time to leave for appointments, Outlook will now send a notification - with directions for both driving and public transit - taking into account current location, the event location, and real-time traffic information".

While the new features will be rolled out to a limited number of people for testing, Microsoft has its sights set on a much broader user base, making the AI "accessible to every developer and organisation" down the line. This functionality is now only available in English and will be available for all Office 365 commercial subscribers by the end of December.

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