Iranian Teen Sahar Tabar Underwent 50 Surgeries to Look Like Angelina Jolie


An Iranian woman has made headlines around the world after she reportedly had 50 surgical procedures in order to look like her muse, Angelina Jolie. She also wears a contact lens to complete her look the American actress.

And we can't say we're too surprised - anyone who undergoes several plastic surgeries to look like a celebrity will nearly always get noticed. Doc: "say no more". She is also following a strict diet to ensure that she doesn't weigh more than 40 kg!

Sahar Tabar, 22, from Tehran, Iran, has an Instagram account filled with snaps of her striking appearance.

But not all of them have been kind about her extreme look.

Unfortunately, many of her online followers are now calling her a zombie, saying she looks nothing like Jolie, but instead, the character from Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride".

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Featured recently in Belgium's Sud Info, Sahar said her goal in life is to look like the Hollywood actress.

She has shared numerous selfies on social media, all of which have sparked huge debate among her Instagram followers.

Her efforts mirror those of Brazillian Rodrigo Alves, who spent millions of dollars on plastic surgery in a quest to become a human Ken doll.

According to The Sun, 19-year-old Sahar Tabar considers herself to be one of Angelina's biggest fans and has said that she "would do anything" to look like her.