Fight intensifies between Amazon YouTube


Google and Amazon are still fighting over YouTube and its imminent lack of availability on the Echo.

The trademark was filed by the e-commerce giant filed on December 5, the same day Google announced it will block YouTube from Amazon's Echo Show and Fire TV devices.

Interestingly enough, Amazon has also supposedly applied for a trademark on "OpenTube" as well, though details on that project are equally scarce.

That being said, you are still able to watch YouTube videos through Amazon's Silk Browser, but that was this close to changing when Google prevented YouTube videos from being played on the Echo Show.

The whole controversy started when Amazon removed Google Chromecast from its official website in 2015, stating that the move was meant to avoid confusing customers who would expect Amazon Prime Video service to run on Chromecast.

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Another bone of contention between Google and Amazon is the latter's reluctance to comply with cast technology, the same that powers Google's Chromecast devices. Amazon appeared to offer an olive branch last Friday, when the retailer announced that it would begin selling Chromecasts, in addition to the Apple TV, but the devices are still not listed on the site. In the filing, Amazon describes it as a software or mobile app that can be used to transmit, receive, upload, download, encode, decode, stream, share, and broadcast content, images, videos, and more. It's yet to arrive on the third-gen Fire TV probably due to a new version of Amazon Fire OS.

Sound familiar? Let's be honest: We all know what's going on here.

It would be a long stretch to suggest that Amazon is planning a YouTube competitor as of now. So far, there was only the Silk browser that was available on Fire TV.

Amazon has filed a trademark application for a video streaming service called AmazonTube. However, the final build was made available for select users in November this year.

A chance to promote its content, slight Google, and keep customers hooked on the Fire TV?