Facebook is adding the ideal feature for those annoying 'Facebook friends'


Just before the quiet period is set to expire, Facebook will send an alert so you can be prepared or renew the Snooze for an additional length of time. As cynical as it might sound, adding something like a Snooze button allows people to better create an environment where you can silence dissenters and make it so you only interact with people that like the stuff you do, that think like you do.

Facebook is introducing a "Snooze" button - allowing users to mute people, pages and groups they do not want to see in their news feed for 30 days. This new nifty tool allows you to mute a friend (or friends), page, or a group for 30 days so you can temporarily mute their updates from your News Feed.

Facebook's latest feature could be of assistance. You can see a demo of this feature in the Facebook video below. You have a connection with hundreds of people on Facebook but honestly can't stand to associate with majority. Back in September, Facebook began testing the feature, but now it looks to be ready for prime time. However, users who Snooze someone or something will get a notification when that Snooze period is about to end. In the last few weeks, two of its former executives voiced their concerns about the company's impact on children's brains.

Ginsberg and Burke said social media can have a positive effect on people when they use it for active interaction, such as sharing pictures, commenting on posts or chatting with friends.

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It's tough to underrate how thoroughly Facebook is woven into the fabric of society. "It is eroding the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other". Facebook claims social media is fine, but many people aren't using it right.

In some studies, researchers indicated that social media might cause an increased feeling of loneliness and depression.

Facebook's own research team found some pros and cons of using its social media platform. The reason for it is not clear.

To snooze someone, look at one of their posts.