Facebook Adds Livestreaming To 'Instant Games' Feature Within Messenger


Facebook, starting today is rolling out this feature that will enable the Messenger users to be able to live stream and share their gaming experience with other in their friend list via Facebook Live option. Presently, the platform has 70 games and more than 100 developers across the globe.

The feature, powered by Facebook Live, lets Messenger users broadcast their gameplay to their Facebook Page or profile.

With the live streaming feature, Facebook is playing catch up rivals like Twitch, YouTube and Microsoft, all of which today offer their own tools and services for live streaming games. "They may not. Who knows?"

Last year, Facebook launched games on Messenger and to continue the excitement next year, the platform revealed upcoming titles and other new features for gamers. Their faces will appear in the right hand corner of the screen. Early 2018, Facebook will introduce Angry Birds game for its Messenger users.

Another update is the ability to game while video chatting.

To mark its one-year anniversary, Facebook is also debuting a couple of new features for its Instant Games: live streaming and video chat.

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The top three games Australia played in 2017 were Everwing, 8 Ball Pool and Words with Friends. Much like the Facebook Live video feature - alongside the video - you can also add a short description to it. These games will be available in coming weeks.

The idea with Instant Games is to boost people's time spent in Messenger by giving them something else to do besides just chat. To start the video users can press the "Start Live Video" button.

GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc., makers of the hit game Puzzle & Dragons, will launch a new casual puzzle game for both existing Puzzle & Dragons fans and new players to enjoy.

Sonic Jump from SEGA, developed by SEGA HARDlight, will introduce a new, arcade style adventure to Messenger, featuring classic Sonic enemies, power-ups and traps as players challenge friends to see who can jump the farthest. "We're introducing two new features to Instant Games that will help you engage and connect with those you care about in new and different ways", notes Facebook on its blog post.

Next up, for more than 245 million utilizing Facebook Messenger's video visit highlight month to month, the informing application will start testing a component that will empower clients to play diversions while the video is talking with each other.