#EndorseThis: On SNL, Santa's Tricky Moment With Savvy Kids


Santa fumbled for a kid-friendly answer: "They're just kneeling because they're exhausted".

In SNL's cold open, Kenan Thompson's Santa and a "libtard" elf played by Kate McKinnon discovered that kids these days are much more grown up than they used to be.

"I wanted to follow up on Tyler's question", she asks.

Santa replied, "Sure, let's just go with that".

Co-host Michael Che called out the Democrats" attempt to "paint itself the "party of the moral high ground'" by forcing Franken to step down from the Senate amid the sexual misconduct allegations, compared to the GOP's embrace of senatorial candidate Roy Moore despite his alleged past sexual misconduct.

The child asked which list Roy Moore was on, which McKinnon replied, "It's not really a list". Jessica wonders if President Trump is on the naughty list, to which Santa responds that he'd rather stay out of political matters. Then came Trump. As McKinnon reminds Santa during the sketch, the president is more than qualified to be on the naughty list - "Nineteen accusers".

Struggling to keep things light and festive, Santa told the little girl he thought everyone could learn a lot from the news.

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But eventually, like all of us, there's one little girl named Jenny who just wants everything to be all right in the world. "I learned that if you admit you did something wrong, you're in trouble".

Billy was followed by one girl wanting the US embassy in Israel to remain in Tel Aviv and another who requested a Barbie doll - "unless the feminazis are gonna take that away from me, too".

Watch as Kris Kringle fields requests from the kids not for just toys, but to chat and know more about Al Franken and Roy Moore, why Trump hasn't gotten in trouble yet, National Football League brain injuries and players kneeling, Feminazis, opioids, factory jobs for Chinese kids, Bitcoin, the coal industry, the tax bill, and Matt Lauer's sex toy. Tyler asks. Santa says he thinks that can be arranged.

"I know", Jenny interjects.

"I saw Al Franken's speech", she continued, pronouncing the senator's last name like Franco.

Jessica was shooed off after telling Santa she didn't fear lumps of coal in her stocking, with it being a dying industry and all, but things didn't get any better for him.