Donald Trump Lashes Out At CNN, ABC Over Reporting Errors


An email sent to President Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr before the 2016 election included a decryption key for hacked documents that the website WikiLeaks had already made public a day earlier.

Mr Trump Jr has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and during testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee on 8 December said he did not remember receiving this particular email.

The timeline in this story is especially important, because Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks are both huge parts of the investigation into Russia's hacking of the election. They apologized - oh, thank you CNN.

"Correction: This story has been corrected to say the date of the email was September 14, 2016, not September 4, 2016".

But the Washington Post reported hours later that CNN got the date of the email wrong, noting it was actually sent on September 14, after Powell's leaked emails were already released.

More important, the later date means that the email did not provide the Trump campaign with early access to WikiLeaks documents, after all.

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Congressional investigators are trying to ascertain whether the individual who sent the September email is legitimate and whether it shows additional efforts by WikiLeaks to connect with Trump's son and others on the Trump campaign.

That email, reported CNN, was dated September 4, 2016, and as the story details, the timing was significant.

Although, point of clarification, CNN only corrected the story and has not apologized or disciplined their reporters as of this posting.

CBS News had confirmed CNN's initial report but also later issued a correction. That was the very day, after all, that Trump Jr. first tweeted about WikiLeaks and Clinton. Except. The Washington Post reported Friday afternoon that the email was actually dated September 14, 2016, and that it "indicates that the writer [identified as Michael Erickson] may have simply been flagging information that was already widely available".

The email was sent in early September of previous year and just a few weeks before WikiLeaks and Donald Trump Jr. exchanged messages directly with each other on Twitter, the report said. It also pointed the recipients to documents relating to Colin Powell on - those, too, had already been released. Alan S. Futerfas, an attorney for Donald Trump Jr., told the Post that Erickson was unknown to the campaign and his email just one of "a ton of unsolicited emails like this on a variety of topics". Oops, that directive had actually arrived during the presidential transition, according to the ABC News "confidant". Editorial guidelines weren't followed in that instance, said the network when asked why it had taken such drastic measures. They should have fired him for what he wrote.