Countries Around the World Tackled Net Neutrality in Different Ways


The argument centers around net neutrality-whether or not all the data passing through a network should be considered equal.

Net neutrality is the rule that prohibits internet service providers like Verizon can't slow, speed up or block websites based on their own internal guidelines.

All over the country Thursday, groups participated in more than 600 peaceful protests in front of Verizon stores. Net Neutrality supports our freedom of speech. Without Net Neutrality, certain web sites could be blocked from users, cable and phone companies could create "fast" and "slow" lanes based on payments, and you would be paying substantially more if you wanted to enjoy the same level of Internet that you now use.

"Under Pai's leadership the FCC has made a mockery of our democratic process, "said Fight for the Future campaign director Evan Greer".

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Several protesters expressed their worry that the fate of net neutrality was being decided in a less than democratic way or that the end of net neutrality would allow political content to be restricted on the internet. Ending net neutrality, he said, would also end that possibility.

Without net neutrality, these corporations could cut off access to websites they - or the United States government, which through the NSA has historically been tied to telecom companies - deem inappropriate for the public to read, just like in North Korea or China. Mr. Owen expects that whatever happens, net neutrality will be ended.

This following the FCC's proposal to end the open internet order and rollback net neutrality protections.

Protestors targeted Verizon stores because Ajit Pai, the current chairman of the FCC, previously served as associate general counsel at Verizon, which has been a longtime opponent of net neutrality.