Comedian Hannibal Buress arrested on disorderly conduct charges


But this time around the famous comedian landed on the front page for all of the wrong reasons as reports have revealed that he was arrested in Miami after a shocking confrontation with police. Yet as that outlet later revealed and the local NBC affiliate confirmed, Buress' actual booking report reflects an arrest for disorderly intoxication. The Twitter page for the Police Department of Miami wrote that the comic was arrested for "disorderly intoxication" on the 9th of December around 10:30 pm. In the video a handcuffed Buress can be seen standing against a police auto.

"For tresspassing", one of the officers says in the video.

"Am I under arrest? For what?" he asks "Explain what I'm detained for?"

Buress said in response, "You know y'all goofy as [expletive]". Soon after, a #FreeHannibalBuress hashtag along with the video started appearing on Twitter. "No, I'm not getting in your vehicle unless you have probable cause for anything". Buress, who stars on Comedy Central's "Broad City", posted bail early this morning as video of his arrest was circulating on social media.

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Buress was not charged with trespassing.

After being told by the officer that he couldn't call an Uber, Buress became angry and belligerent.

The arrest report for Buress wasn't available Sunday and it's unclear what led to his arrest. He also is known for bringing attention to sexual assault allegations against fellow comedian Bill Cosby.