Children insured under Alabama ALL Kids could lose coverage in February


Some families get their kids insured for free by CHIP; others pay premiums determined by a sliding scale. According to Kimmel, the bill has historically been a nonpartisan issue, but Congress members have begun using it as a bargaining chip to attempt to pass their tax plan."Parents of children with cancer, diabetes, and heart problems, are about to get letters saying their coverage may be cut off next month".

The program to provide health insurance to children of middle income families who don't qualify for Medicaid has enjoyed bi-partisan support over the years. "We must come together and finish the work of Congress and reauthorize CHIP", they wrote. During a monologue that went viral on social media, Kimmel addressed his broadcast audience of 2.4 million and contrasted the inaction on CHIP - which aids 9 million children and their families - with the tax-cut bill on a fast track in Congress. The House of Representatives passed long-term CHIP funding that is awaiting action in the Senate.

Another federal program aimed at helping low-income Americans keep their homes warm this winter could be in danger.

But Casey blames Republican leaders for not scheduling a vote in Congress to renew the program.

The move aims to expand access to healthcare coverage to the roughly 800,000 Floridians who now fall into the 'coverage gap.' That mean they earn too little to qualify for a subsidy on plans offered through the federal health insurance marketplace, but earn too much to be considered eligible for Medicaid.

Kim Deti, public information officer for the Wyoming Department of Health, said close to 90 percent of the funding for Kid Care CHIP comes from the federal government, and without that funding it's not likely the program will continue.

For instance, Democrats objected to a CHIP-extension bill passed November 3 by the House because it would have offset those allocations with cuts in other health programs.

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ALL Kids, a healthcare coverage program for children under 19, will no longer enroll children beginning January 1, 2018.

To avoid immediate disruption, MassHealth is claiming certain spending under Medicaid to reserve for CHIP funding only, to extend it through the end of the state fiscal year.

When CHIP was created in 1997, Minnesota already offered coverage to most of these children.

The lapse in funding has forced states to scramble.

"The CHIP program is important for thousands of families across MS, and its reauthorization is a high priority for me", said Sen.

ALL Kids is a low-priced, comprehensive healthcare coverage program for children under age 19.