Apple Starts Offering Pre-Orders on its App Store


Once the app is released users will be notified about the app and it will be downloaded automatically on their Apple device. Customers will see the product page and order app before it's released for download. This should give you peace of mind if a developer decides to charge less for its app at launch than what you paid for. Meanwhile, customers shouldn't worry about possible price hikes between an app's pre-order opener and availability commencement. This is a facility that allows you to preorder unreleased iOS apps from the App Store and download them upon their arrival. "It is my understanding that many small businesses, research organizations, and religious institutions rely on template apps when they do not possess the resources to develop apps in-house".

Apple notes that the pre-order feature is only available for new apps entering the App Store and that app releases must be no more than 90 days in the future and no sooner than two days in the future. Offering the app for preorders would help developers identify the early interest of customers, and thus, manage the app before the launch date and address server issues, if any. This way, they can get a clear image of how popular their apps will be before even launching it, which is pretty cool.

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Apple is promoting the separate Amazon Prime Video app in its tvOS 11.2 update worldwide, a first for the company in referencing a competitor and its streaming service outside its App Store on Apple TV. Also, in these three months, developers can add or remove features and just flawless their work. "If you change the price of your app during the pre-order period, customers will be charged the price that is lower - the price they accepted for pre-order or the price on the day of release", notes Apple.