Amazon Prime Video Gets Maximum Exposure on Apple TV


The new product will have features found in Spotify like on-demand streaming, while also retaining YouTube's video streaming service. Earlier this week, the former removed its YouTube streaming service from some of the latter's devices, including Amazon Fire TV and the Echo Show, which caused a war of words between the two companies. Eventually, it makes sense for YouTube to launch a music subscription service to cater to the needs of the users.

Paid services from Spotify and Apple Music have spurred a recovery in the music business, which is growing again after nearly two decades of decline. Merlin, for instance, which gathers together more independent labels, is also among the negotiators. For instance, major record labels state that the growth would be more significant if it is not for YouTube as they criticize the same for not compensating them appropriately given the number of people who use the site to listen to music. The service focused more on videos than music, however.

Apart from getting major labels on board, YouTube is also reaching out to artists seeking help to promote this new service.

Google has dabbled in music streaming before with ad-free music videos and the launch of subscription service YouTube Red in 2016.

It was reported that YouTube Red only had 1.5 million subscribers a year ago.

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Back in July this year, YouTube's head of music confirmed that Google Play Music and YouTube Red would be merged to create a new streaming service.

Are you excited about the Echo family and Amazon Music Unlimited coming to your country? And, we personally don't prefer Google's Play Music either for myriad reasons. To add insult to injury, Amazon then offered the web version of YouTube as a way for Echo Show users to circumvent the lack of the YouTube app.

Amazon Music Unlimited has a 40-million track catalog with prices from $7.99 for Prime users and $9.99 for non-Prime customers, although it varies in some markets.

As per the report, YouTube will have to overcome various hurdles in order to meet the March 2018 launch date of the music subscription service. Though, you'll see a notice that the app will no longer work after the start of the new year.