5-year-old's heroic 911 call saves Christmas from Grinch


The 5-year-old honorary police officer took the Grinch into custody, booking the green-furred villain on charges that included the attempted theft of Christmas.

Tylon Pittman was watching videos on a smartphone when he called authorities after seeing the Grinch taking presents before Christmas, WLBT reported.

A 5-year-old MS boy did the unthinkable when he thought the Grinch was going to ruin his Christmas.

Dispatchers sent Officer Lauren Develle to TyLon's home to check it out and promise him that the Grinch will not steal his Christmas.

Later, he told his mother, TeResa Pittman, that he had made the call, but she didn't take the tot seriously at the time. It was there TyLon spotted him: the Grinch. He then told the boy that when he is 21, to return to the police station and fill out a job application.

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In another post, the boy shows the video evidence of the Grinch stealing the presents to the officer.

"We all started laughing and thought, 'No, he didn't, '" said Brown of finding out that her son really did dial 911.

In his five-star review posted to the Byram Police Department's Facebook page, TyLon's big brother, TeDera Graves II, a USAF airman, said, "It's the little things like this that go unnoticed, especially in society today, with what police officers do". When the boy arrived, officers surprised him with the Grinch in the back of a police auto.

TyLon produced the evidence, offering up his phone to show her the shocking YouTube clip he had seen. TyLon, who wants to be a police officer when he grows up, was thrilled.