York County voting machines allowing extra votes for candidates in certain elections


After selecting their choices, the voters give the ballot to the poll worker who then takes a stub from the ballot.

Most of the polling stations that News 12 has been to has had little to no wait.

The information provided at the elections office, and information provided on door knockers remain a source of contact for you. "In previous mayoral elections we've seen 43 percent voter turnout". However, tabulators can't process photocopies, meaning election judges will need to duplicate the copies on official ballot forms, according to the Minneapolis Elections and Voter Services Division.

Inspector of elections Emma Jean Jordan said 200 had cast ballots as of about 3 p.m. In 2012 - another presidential year - our rate was just over 68 percent, again well above the national rate of 58 percent and ranking us sixth among all the states.

Theresa Woodruff of the Montour County Elections and Voter Registration office said 1,174 residents are registered to vote in the precinct, one of two in the township.

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It is incumbent on me, due to the support of the number of votes, to pursue the concerns of residents for the moment before the next election, which I will be a candidate in once again.

And if you are going to make a choice, it should be the one you want to make, not the one others wish you would make.

No results will be available until after the polls close.

None of the election officials could definitively say that bad weather affected the turnout, but most suspected it did.

"I'm at this point required to be and glad to be a completely nonpartisan public servant doing this work", Fitch said Monday.