Waze updated with motorcycle routing, voice commands, and HOV route support


Waze users in North America will be pleased to hear that the company is adding voice commands to its popular navigation app. It's a seemingly small change to the voice commands feature that already existed in Waze, but it's one that will have a huge impact because it allows for hands-free initiation of requests.

Motorcycle mode will offer routes that have been optimized for bikers based on where other Waze users who are on motorcycles are riding.

The new motorbike option will make Waze more useful and enjoyable for those who enjoy riding on two wheels, and the Talk to Waze feature allows complete handsfree interaction with a new hotword "Ok Waze".

Waze is owned by Google but it offers a different experience than Google Maps. The team behind the crowd-sourced navigation app says that this is one of the "biggest Waze app updates ever", and for good reason.

Google's Waze goes hands-free with new voice command and gets motorcycle mode for tailored navigation
Massive Waze Update Brings 'OK Waze' Voice Command, Motorcycle Vehicle Option, and HOV Lane Support

Given that Waze's routing recommendations are based on routes from other users, it seems like the ideal navigation app to highlight the differences between vehicle and motorcycle travel. This feature lets drivers get additional navigation options for their carpool lanes along their route. Waze promised to roll it out to more languages in the near future. Simply turn on Talk to Waze in the Sound and Voice settings menu and then say "OK Waze" to begin talking.

To enable HOV lane support, go to Settings Navigation Add Toll/HOV pass Select from a pre-populated list of passes available in your area. If you're driving a fuel-efficient auto, go to Settings, tap Navigation, and select Vehicle Type. Talk to Waze is now available for English-speaking Wazers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand, and will continually roll out in more languages soon.

HOV route support is now open to Wazers in 22 markets across the USA (full list below), and in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The company said that the more riders use the Waze motorcycle mode, the "smarter the routing will become". To activate Talk to Waze, just follow these steps: Settings Sound & voice Talk to Waze Shift Listen for "OK Waze" on.

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