Uber Sex Assault Class Action Filed by 2 Women


An anonymous Uber rider is suing the company in California Superior Court, claiming that Uber did not take sufficient measures to protect her from a driver who allegedly raped her on November 11, 2016.

The duo, from U.S., on behalf of "all other similarly situated" female passengers who have suffered "rape, sexual harassment or gender-motivated harassment at the hands of Uber drivers" have demanded action against Uber.

According to CNN, the lawsuit claims Uber "falsely presented its service as safe to passengers".

Jane Doe 1 lives in Miami and Jane Doe 2 lives in Los Angeles, according to the complaint, and both claim that they were sexually assaulted by Uber drivers. "These allegations are important to us and we take them very seriously".

Over the last seven years, Uber has done everything possible to continue using low-priced, woefully inadequate background checks on drivers and has failed to monitor drivers for any violent or inappropriate conduct after they are hired.

Last week, John David Sanchez, 52, a former Uber driver who raped one passenger and sexually assaulted more than 12 women was sentenced to 80 years and 4 months in jail.

Uber Sex Assault Class Action Filed by 2 Women
Uber Sex Assault Class Action Filed by 2 Women

"The company must come forward with information about how many reports it has received about rapes, sexual assaults, and gender-motivated harassment to allow consumers to assess whether Uber really does provide safe rides, especially to women", Christensen said in a statement.

Uber was not immediately available for comment.

"A litany of incidents regarding sexual assaults, and physical assaults, by Uber drivers on passengers, shows a pattern of similarly heinous, but avoidable attacks", the lawsuit states.

"Uber has created a system for bad actors to gain access to vulnerable victims", the lawsuit states. They include ways in which Uber can better screen its drivers, such as with in-person interviews, character checks, routine criminal background checks and fingerprint background checks.

One of the reasons Uber's background checks on drivers are so faulty is keeping costs down, women allege. "Specifically drivers have the means and opportunity to veer off route without detection, trap passengers inside their vehicles and commit physical and sexual violence without witnesses". The Uber driver was charged with "Rape by use of drugs". He was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual battery, and Uber refunded her $9.51 for the ride.

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