Uber orders huge fleet of autonomous Volvos


Volvo is said to deliver thousands of vehicles with self-drive capabilities starting from 2019 to 2021.

Volvo XC90 comes with wide range of features like Pilot Assist 2, Power Pulse, Volvo On Call app and can get to speeds of up to 130km/hr.

Volvo engineers have worked closely together with engineers from Uber to develop the XC90 premium SUVs that are to be supplied to Uber. Normally while classifying autonomous cars there are six levels of automation which generally define the level of automation employed.

"We're thrilled to expand our partnership with Volvo", said Jeff Miller, Head of Auto Alliances, Uber. He further said world will become much faster after their full inclusion into the modern life. While on the other side of the transaction, Volvo will not only sell a lot of plug-in cars all in one shot, but the automaker will also benefit from the development of its own autonomous driving program.

While no terms were disclosed, the move is an extension of Uber's previous engineering collaboration with the Swedish carmaker that produced semi-autonomous XC90s on the streets of Pittsburgh.

Not to forget Uber has had fights with its driver community and this interesting deal with Volvo could help Uber to take a new turn in future.

Uber orders huge fleet of autonomous Volvos
Uber orders huge fleet of autonomous Volvos

This seems like a major acceleration of the push into self-driving cars.

Though this experimental process will depend on the policymakers of the municipal cooperation, those have dealt with the ride-hailing companies like that of Uber for over years.

Volvo's goal is to be the go-to supplier for autonomous driving and ride-sharing service providers globally. Volvo is owned by Chinese company Gheely Holding.

Following a United States trial involving 100 autonomous XC90s being used as driverless taxis in the Pittsburgh area, Volvo has signed an agreement with Uber to supply the taxi firm with 24,000 self-driving XC90s from 2019.

When you're driving a vehicle, this is generally not a problem.

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