Trump will not campaign for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Moore


Two women have accused Moore of sexually assaulting or molesting them decades ago, when he was a deputy district attorney in his 30s and they were teenagers.

Many saw Trump's remarks as tacit support for Moore, but Republican Sen. "Roy Moore has been intensely scrutinized, and not a hint of scandal. but four weeks before the election, false allegations- a scheme by liberal elites and the Republican establishment to protect their big government trough", the ad's narrator said, according to The Hill.

"But now they've got the president saying, 'Hey, I need Roy Moore to help us on things like tax reform.' I think it does affect certain voters", Mowery said. Republican lawmakers are considering expelling Moore should he win the seat.

But White House officials said on Monday the Republican president is not scheduled to hit the trail for Mr Moore ahead of the election on 12 December.

When asked what he thought about the accusations against Moore last week Trump told reporters that the former judge "denies it".

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Moore quickly touted Trump's words on social media and in a fundraising appeal to supporters.

Disregarding concerns from Senate Republican leaders who have disavowed Moore, Trump tweeted out criticisms of Jones and said it would be a "disaster" for a Democrat to win the Alabama race. Trump was furious when unusual lost to Moore by nine points, and vented to his political team because he felt they had misled him by encouraging him to endorse odd. The president held the door open to campaigning for Moore last week, when he all but endorsed Moore's candidacy and attacked his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

Zac McCrary, an Alabama-based Democratic pollster, said Jones must focus on issues that cross party lines and will "never have good math" if he presents it as a "D" versus "R" battle. "I don't think they reflect Alabama's views". He said he plans to run as an independent on his record as an investment banker, military leader and defense contractor and entrepreneur.

Jones, a former federal prosecutor, said he would be an independent voice in the US Senate, similarly to his political mentor, the late US Senator Howell Heflin, who represented the state for almost 20 years. The president dismissed questions from reporters about his willingness to back a Republican accused of sexual assault over a Democrat. Luther Strange, who faced off with Moore in the Republican primary.