The Razer Phone Is Here, But Is It For Real?


The new device has a UltraMotion display with a refresh rate that is double most other smartphones. On top of that there's a built-in adaptive UltraMotion refresh technology - co-developed with Qualcomm - which synchronises the display with the GPU for maximum smoothness. This provides a space on the phone for you to rest your thumbs while playing a game and incorporating two large front-facing speakers.

Powering the phone is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform paired with a massive 8GB of RAM.

The Razer Phone will come with one of the most popular custom launchers for Android, Nova Launcher Prime, pre-installed, giving users unprecedented customization options and all the trendy features that arrived with Android 8.0.

The Razer phone is powered by a huge 4,000mAh battery, which is a good thing since this smartphone is aimed towards serious gamers.

The Razer Phone will set you back £699 in the United Kingdom and will only be available on the Three Network at launch, November 17.

As the device is marketed for Gaming purposes, there wasn't much expectation in the camera department, however, the phone seems to have taken care of it anyway. Razor said this ensures there is no "screen tearing" and is also another technology that has been adopted from high-end gaming laptops.

Microsoft made a significant foray into the world of Android smartphones when the company started selling the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition in physical retail stores, but turns out there is more Android on Microsoft's road ahead.

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The Razer Phone is a stout, wide phone that feels radically different in my hands, which have grown accustomed to the longer, skinnier 2:1 screen aspect ratio that's trendy in flagships this year. Out of the box, the display is set at the 90Hz refresh rate, in order to balance out between performance and battery life.

Like the iPhone 7, Razer has ditched the headphone jack giving the music an "audiophile-quality" sound.

Bezel less design is something gamers would hate because they make it hard to hold the phone during long sessions.

The Razer Theme Store allows gamers to customize their phone, changing wallpapers, icon packs and colors throughout the phone.

Mark Gardiner, head of products, services and logistics at Three, said: "We are delighted to be partnering with Razer to be the only network in Ireland offering this premium gaming handset".

There is an enormous Razer logo in green shading on the back and we anticipate that the organization will make it illuminated.