Supreme Court rejects Samsung appeal of patent loss to Apple


The US Supreme Court on November 6 rejected Samsung's appeal to re-evaluate the California court jury order that found the former guilty of infringing on Apple patents in 2014. However, with the Supreme Court too, ruling against Samsung, the Korean smartphones giant has literally run out of options.

Back in 2014, Apple had taken Samsung to court for infringing on two of its patent - one, the mobile phone code that converted phone number to links for direct call option and the most prominently used smartphone feature, "slide to unlock" screen.

Samsung's attempt to appeal a 2016 U.S. Court of Appeal verdict against it at the Supreme Court, has been turned down by the highest court in the land.

This is just one of many lawsuits that Samsung and Apple are fighting in lower courts across the U.S. - the prominent one being the iPhone design patent infringement.

The retrial between Apple and Samsung is set to start in May 2018.

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This is the end of the line for Samsung and hopefully they'll do the right thing now and pay Apple what's long overdue.

The case centered around Apple's familiar slide-to-unlock patent as well as autocorrect and quick links, which turn information such as phone numbers into links. Since then, Samsung has filed multiple appeals against the judgment and briefly succeeded in getting the decision overturned before it was later reinstated.

"Our argument was supported by many who believed that the court should hear the case to reinstate fair standards that promote innovation and prevent abuse of the patent system", Samsung said in a statement Monday. Though a substantial amount, it was way lesser than the $2.19 billion Apple was asking for.

Apple did not immediate respond to an AFP query on the decision.

Although 120 million Dollars sounds pretty impressive, it is just a fraction of the total USD 2 billion demanded by Apple's lawyers from Samsung for the infringement.