Samsung Experience 9.0 Beta Now Available


The redditor who has experienced the feel of the beta version mentioned how some of Samsungs apps have been brilliantly redesigned. Vaguely referred to as the "Samsung Experience 9.0", it appears to be the operating system intended for next year's Galaxy S9 smartphone.

The main differences, then, come on the software side, where users will find enhanced security features, as well as some improvement deployment and smartphone management.

The new device, called the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition, might be hard to differentiate from the original Galaxy Note 8. If true, the software update includes user interface tweaks such as notification badges.

While Samsung has backed away from highlighting any changes that would be part of the beta version, Reddit users, who are enjoying early access, have revealed quite a few key features.

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Samsung told PCMag that updates will be pushed out to devices soon. Alternatively, they can also enroll unlocked versions of the phone, but it must be carrying SIMs from the aforementioned carriers.

Samsung has announced a new version of its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone designed specifically for corporate users. In the United Kingdom, users just need to have the unlocked version of the phone. Discovering errors, kinks, bugs, and all sorts of anomalies is the point of being a beta tester, after all.

But, sadly, the Indian Galaxy S8, S8+ users are not among those select customers. The Galaxy beta program may be provided via theSamsung Members app or the Samsung+ app for the US, which are available through the Google Play store or Galaxy Apps, depending on the user's country of residence.