Putin: Russia, PH now ready to develop military, technical cooperation


In the 16 months that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has been in office, law enforcement officials in the country have reportedly killed almost 4,000 people in an unprecedented crackdown of illegal drugs.

The outspoken leader says a United Nations investigator has insulted him by criticising a brutal clampdown on drugs that has killed thousands. "That's not so easy", Duterte told Putin. So again, I thank you very much, the Russian people, and you, Mr. President.

Since then, police say they have killed nearly 4,000 people in anti-drug operations and 2,000 others have been killed in connection with drug-related crimes.

"Let me thank you for your crucial help in our fight in Marawi a few weeks ago".

"And, according to my soldiers, the arms that you sent are very accurate and they were able to take care of the snipers that abounded and I lost more..."

The Philippines values its friendship with China "more than anything else", President Duterte assured Chinese President Xi Jinping during their meeting in Vietnam.

He said he initially meant to buy weapons in the USA but "the United States has equal authority of Congress and President, so it was not so simple". The latter part is quite remarkable as on the same day he offered to host an global summit on human rights in the Philippines and suggested that "all violations of human rights committed by all governments" should be investigated.

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"I would like to say that terrorism is one of our common problem and common challenge and following our agreement, we are ready to keep developing our relations, including in the military area and the tactical and military area", Putin said in his opening remarks. "Stabbing. That was when I was 16 years old, just because we just looked at each other".

He also said that Russian Federation wants to see an improvement in the economic relations between the two countries. What made you think that I am even planning or about to visit your country?

"Of course, we need to lay a special emphasis on economic ties".

"You know, they should know that we nurture gratitude.same with China, and America, and Israel".

Roque said Duterte has expressed concerns over the ramifications of an outbreak of hostilities in the Korean Peninsula.

Talks on expanding trade and security relations between the two countries were first discussed during their first bilateral talks at the sidelines of the 2016 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit held in Peru.