PlayStation Trophies can be used to get free games using Sony Rewards


It's no longer easy to argue that achievements and trophies are worthless as they will now let you earn currency towards games.

So what can you get for your hard-earned trophies? Well, now you can. Second, any Trophies earned prior to their inclusion in the Sony Rewards program won't count toward your total.

Platinum Trophy: Get 10 Platinum Trophies and earn 1,000 points.

As spotted by Kotaku, Sony has launched a new program that awards you points for every trophy you unlock through Sony Rewards. The company's not giving out any cash, and the points system implies that you have to play hard to get significant wins. One of the rewards in Sony's catalog is for a month of PlayStation Plus, priced at 999 points.

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Firstly, users must link their PSN account to Sony's new Rewards program, which outlines that 100 silver trophies will net 100 points, 25 gold trphies is worth 250 points and if you're a completionist, 10 platinum trophies will get a cool 1,000 points. A tough pill to swallow for those sitting on a pile of 30 Platinums.

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Entertainment Trifecta: Subscribe to 3 PlayStation Network services and earn 500 points. Points are also earned on a calendar year basis, so you've only got this month and December to add points derived from Trophy acquisition to your 2017 total. Sony is making trophy hunting a lot more worthwhile today by assigning an actual monetary value to the ones you earn. Oh, and if you live outside the U.S., it's actually very easy to create a new American PS4 profile/PSN account, so you needn't be left out. Stay tuned for more regarding Sony Rewards Program!