Parenting Is Hard In New Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer


We also known that the episode stars Rosemarie Dewitt (La La Land) and is directed by Jodie Foster from a script written by series creator Charlie Brooker. True to the nature of "Black Mirror", a very clean laboratory with impeccably clean, neutral-colored walls is involved.

The Netflix original that only reminds you of just how disgusting and hellish new technology can be has a much-anticipated fourth season hitting the platform on a date that has yet to be announced. New Year's Day? Christmas Eve?-Netflix has begun rolling out trailers for us to watch on black mirrors of our own. After frantically trying to find her, she shows up but DeWitt's character is clearly unsettled and decides to make her daughter go through a procedure where it doesn't happen again.

"I always hope that whatever we tackle, it's never on the nose and just more in the background but this episode asks how do you be a responsible mother in a world in which you can be all-powerful and omnipresent?"

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"'The key to good parenting", the trailer ominously reads, "is control".

Check out the trailer above as we draw nearer to "Black Mirror" season 4 on Netflix in 2018.

Uh, hopefully we'll never get to the point where we can actually inject children with unusual medications that'll allow for them to be controlled, because that needle in the "Arkangel" trailer is a good enough indication that things might not end too well for Sarah and her mom.