Oscar says he would fight McGregor


'So I do commend the UFC to some extent for doing that.

Marc Goddard, who was the referee for the Ward vs Redmond bout had a word with Conor and apparently told him that the fight was not over yet. Recently Mazzulli confirmed that they have informed members of the Association of Boxing Commissioners and the UFC, about McGregor's actions.

People continue to debate and discuss Conor McGregor's actions at Bellator 187 this past Friday, and according to his head coach, the star was "a little bit over emotional" at the event... Yes.

McGregor also appeared to take a swipe at the official and he sent out a tweet on Monday explaining his side of the story, which he quickly deleted. The incident comes just weeks after the same referee ejected him from a UFC Fight Night card in Poland for pacing around the cage and encouraging a teammate despite not being a licensed cornerman.

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One week ago, UFC president Dana White said he was expecting McGregor to return at either of the promotion's upcoming Las Vegas cards - December 30 and UFC 222 on March 3 - but that no deal had been signed. The incident came just three weeks after another bit of drama concerning McGregor and Goddard, as the latter was the third man in the cage at UFC Fight Night 118 in Gdansk, Poland on October 21, and was forced to reprimand McGregor from loudly cornering teammate Artem Lobov from cageside during his bout with Andre Fili, despite not in Lobov's corner as an official second. I know I can take out Conor McGregor in two rounds.

'On the other hand, I will be looking at it and speaking to my attorneys upon returning to the United States to see if I have any action'. That's when I lost it. Fuck yous all. It's like soccer players when they score goals and you see them running around and then some will go like this. "You follow policy and you follow it to the T. If you don't, you're at fault and you have the right to be sanctioned".

Following Pacquaio's initial withdrawal, Horn as well as his camp had called out the likes of McGregor, who had been a rumoured opponent, and Mayweather for a fight, receiving lots of criticism in the process.