Official Footage Of McGregor's Madness Is Worse Than It First Looked


Ward walked away with a first-round knockout win over Team Ryano's John Redmond, but the focus was all on McGregor after the fight. And that's when things escalated.

After Goddard stepped in and advised the UFC lightweight champion to leave, McGregor's excited demeanor quickly changed to one of anger.

As Peter Carroll of notes, McGregor has a history with Goddard. He eventually got to Goddard and continued to point his finger at him and Goddard slightly pushed him again.

The man known as "Notorious" took exception to these actions and retaliated by going after Goddard and shoving him as the latter attended to Redmond - who was still on the mat.

Steven Muehlhausen is an MMA and boxing writer and contributor for Sporting News.

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Whenever Conor McGregor makes an appearance these days, it's always memorable.

After leaving the cage initially, McGregor went back in and attacked Goddard some more.

The event is set to air Friday night in North America on a tape delay and Bellator is already using video of the incident to promote their product.

Not only was McGregor out of line in breaking cageside protocol for the second straight time, he certainly crossed the line by getting physical.

As the Dubliner climbed back onto the side of the arena an official came over to stop him and McGregor looked to have responded by slapping him in the head.