Numbers vital in getting gay marriage across the line


An Australian Senator has released a rival same-sex marriage bill that could see a number of anti-discrimination laws overturned.

Mr Turnbull was responding to demands from some Liberals, led by Victorian senator James Paterson, that business owners should be able to refuse service for gay weddings based on religious or "conscientious" beliefs.

And versions of this marriage equaity bill include so-called religious freedom exemptions that attack LGBT rights, reports Al Jazeera.

The suggested laws have been received by supporters of the "yes" vote as a "kick in the teeth" to the gay community and which would roll back the clock on anti-discrimination legislation.

"The people are being asked if we should treat LGBTI people equally".

Senator Smith said as the Senate was sitting this week, it made "no sense" to delay making marriage equality law in Australia.

"That would be profoundly disrespectful and a rebuke to the people of Australia".

"The objective of the Bill is clear: it creates equal access to marriage while protecting religious freedom in relation to marriage", he said.

"If the result of the vote is Yes, we want protections for parents, protections for religious institutions and charities to be free to express contrary views without being held to account by discrimination laws", Mr Goodenough said.

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"This moment can't be the moment we literally do the opposite of what the people are saying".

No notice has yet been given for the Paterson bill.

A fierce parliamentary debate over religious exemptions is expected to follow the announcement.

"Australia's anti-discrimination laws were amended in 2013 to enact important protections for LGBTI people in recognition of the unacceptable levels of discrimination".

An even more draconian bill written Monday by Sen.

"You could potentially see a situation where a hire auto company could leave their customers stranded on the way to a marriage ceremony simply because the driver held a thought or belief against it".

Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm is in the process of drafting amendments to the Smith, many of which align with provisions in the Paterson bill.

"I did know it's (today) but I haven't been paying too much attention to it", Natalie said.