Millie Bobby Brown Says She's Deaf in One Ear


Her brilliant rap actually manages to cover all the major plot points from season one, including a nod to Barb. She explained she was born with partial hearing loss in one ear, and then after years of tubes, she eventually lost all of her hearing. Joined by a hoodie-wearing Fallon as her hype man, she recaps the events that went down in Hawkins, IN, the previous year.

The English actress has risen to prominence after landing the role of Eleven in the Netflix sci-fi series, earning an Emmy Award nomination for her performance. If you aren't interesting in watching Stranger Things after this, we don't know whats going on with you.

In the interview, Millie also revealed she's never had any formal training as an actor or singer, which only makes her prowess that much more incredible.

"I'm a big fan of Halloween".

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'You don't have to be good at singing.

The second season of Stranger Things dropped on Friday (October 27), so if you're anything like us you binge-watched the entire thing over the weekend. "No one should stop you".

"All I need is my Eggo waffles/ I'm in love with those", she rapped.

Brown has become well-known for her ability to rap through countless YouTube videos, which feature her rapping along to Nicki Minaj's verse on Kanye West's "Monster".