Google listens to the people and changes their burger emoji


The new burger design sees the cheese moved from its previous location at the bottom of the hamburger emoji to place the cheese on top of the burger patty.

These adjustments are part of a beta update, and, as Emojipedia pointed out, may change before the public release expected later this year.

A few days after the online debate, Google had a little fun with the matter by serving up a lunch at their offices where an "Android Burger" featuring cheese underneath the burger patty was on the menu. Android users running the Android 8.1 developer preview can access the new burger emoji immediately.

Notice anything different about the first and the second Cheeseburger emoji displayed above (aside from the fact that one says old and one says new, each being depicted in the type-set).

Samsung takes a page from Google's misguided playbook, placing the cheese on top of the lettuce and sending chills down the spine.

The emoji changes are featured in the beta update for developers to preview so they could still change before Android 8.1 is released
Google listens to the people and changes their burger emoji

By now you have probably heard about the great burger debate of 2017.

It was provoked by Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, who tweeted a screen shot of Apple and Google's burger emojis side by side, raising questions over where the cheese should go. After getting "grilled" Google's CEO jokingly said he would drop everything to fix the issue. They're also correcting a couple of emojis that have bothered some people because as we all know by now, emojis are serious business.

If it looks like the upcoming Android 8.1 update may not change much about the first version of Google's Oreo-flavored mobile OS, get ready to have your mind blown by a huge software improvement revealed by emoji expert Jeremy Burge.

Everyone knows the cheese normally goes on top of the patty, including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter, with any real-life adjustment of the classic recipe bound to cause widespread panic, riots and maybe even a full-on food war.

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