Google Files Go Is An AirDrop-like File Transfer App


The Files Go app will also list every app on your Android device that you are not using.

However, this opinion has proved unpopular, as file managers are some of the most downloaded apps by category on the Play Store.

As you dive into the various sections, you can then filter the files by source for easier discovery, access, or deletion.

The Files Go app is similar to both Android Go and YouTube Go in terms of the basic premise of the app.

The app was briefly available on the Google Play Store before it was taken offline.

AirDrop is one of those Apple-only features that has made its devices extremely useful. The top of the "Storage" feed prominently lists how much space is on your device. There's an option to get an alert about the unused apps, using which you can delete the unused app and free storage. However, the audio, video and image files can only be shared within Bluetooth range.

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Google is preparing to launch a new Android app that will help users transfer files to other contacts without using up mobile data.

Another cool thing about the Files Go app is that it will allow you to transfer files wirelessly. Now, it seems that Google has been working on an in-house file manager app for a while.

"The app itself has minimal permissions (internet access) but it's basically an ad-loaded wrapper which has some code to download a second apk, also called "whatsapp.apk", he said.

From there, users are brought to a message-like interface that shows a history of file transfers.

Files Go also appears to be aimed at Android users in emerging markets and could be extra helpful on devices with limited local storage that are used in areas with patchy network coverage. Google would manage to even shrink the app at the time of its public release. We think that Google likely will be testing this app out for a bit longer before the official release happens.