GameStop Pauses Unlimited Used Games Program


"We are working through some of the program limitations we have identified to ensure the PowerPass subscription service delivers an exceptional experience for our customers", a spokesperson said in an email.

"For those guests who have already purchased the service, we are allowing them to bring the pass and video game they have checked out, back to receive a full refund", our GameStop spokesperson said. At the end of your 6-months, you were to be able to keep the last used game you took out.

The service, which was initially going to offer subscribers six months of unlimited used game rentals for $60, has been "temporarily paused" according to a report from Kotaku.

All the way back in September, GameStop announced its PowerPass program.

Assuming PowerPass is relaunched in a functional manner sometime in 2018, this is still not the outcome GameStop wanted right now.

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But according to a report from Kotaku, just days before the service's full launch on November 19th, GameStop has chose to "temporarily pause" the roll out of the new service. Additionally, they can pick out any used game to have for free-not a bad tradeoff.

In a likely attempt to stem the tide of game downloads, GameStop has devoted more and more floor space in each store to physical geek culture goods like Funko Pop figurines and T-shirts.

PowerPass has the potential to be a very popular service - that is if the catalog of games available is relatively large and up-to-date.

Kotaku, which first reported the news, heard from store employees that GameStop's computers were not capable of processing the data required for PowerPass.

However, that is all in the past tense, because after a recent soft launch PowerPass has been suspended. It is unclear when the program will return to GameStop for the public, if ever.