Freudian Slip? Watch Hannity Mistakenly Blame 'President Clinton' for Uranium One Deal


In case anyone's forgotten, Clinton is not president of the United States.

If you tuned into Fox News on Monday, however, you'd see something completely different: Sean Hannity trying to deflect from the Russia situation first by blasting Mueller's unfair treatment of President Trump and then by propagating an unsubstantiated claim about Hillary Clinton attempting to sell uranium to the Russians.

The former Democratic presidential candidate was interviewed in front of a large group of supporters by author Cheryl Strayed on Monday night.

But his call out of Clinton didn't necessarily go as planned.

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The Fox News host deranged rant came after the network was criticized for not talking about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation on President Donald Trump administration. The storyline has been pushed by President Donald Trump in his many Twitter rants against his former 2016 election rival. "President Obama, and key members of the administration, what did they know about the Uranium One scandal?" "I would have much preferred to have come to the dinner tonight from a slightly closer residence". Trump's press secretary earlier criticized Clinton for "propping up book sales with false and reckless attacks".

The book was meant to be both "personal and historical", Clinton said on the "Today" show, looking at "what was at work here, in addition to the mistakes that I made".

Throughout the investigation, Clinton has remained a popular subject for Fox News, the president's main source of news.