Families made official during National Adoption Month


There was plenty of clapping in courtrooms across Connecticut Friday due to "National Adoption Day".

Eighteen families adopted 31 children at the Lubbock County Courthouse Friday on National Adoption Day. And every child deserves a family.

Kistis and husband Mark Price married three years ago, and for both, it was a second marriage, she said.

November is celebrated as the National Adoption Month.

"In Cullman County alone in 2017, we have identified and secured forever families for siblings we were told would never be able to live together, a lovely little girl with many medical and developmental needs that render her wheelchair bound, a unique and handsome 16-year-old with behavioral issues-I mean, what 16-year-old doesn't have 'behavior issues, ' right?"

Numerous children in the foster system have a background of abandonment and neglect, and the family has to work hard to build good relationships, she said. Weeks turned into months and temporary started to feel permanent. We are very excited. "All positive feelings", Margaret said.

The court is hosting its 14th annual Adoption Day event at the Garrahy Judicial Complex to draw attention to the adoption process and the large number of children available for adoption.

She provided her grandchildren with a stable and loving home, where they knew they would be safe.

"Now it's just official". Next up was planning a baptism for her, said Margaret and her husband Vincent Masone, 59. Over the years, Allen says they have seen a sort of philosophical evolution in their approach to foster care.

After their case was approved around 11 a.m., Jason Smith, 44, and Dominick Miciotta, 48, had a tight schedule to keep.

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"My big thing is, if you really want to do it - don't worry about the financial side of it, because that will be provided and taken care of", he said. Children are aging out of the system because there aren't enough families to adopt them. Attorney Kathryn Pidgeon believes this year will be no different.

"It's a dream come true", Miciotta said.

Beyond the official count, the agency assisted with two other adoptions in MS, and DHR staffers themselves adopted six children over the previous year.

"If we could give a child a good home, it's something we wanted to do", Laura, 45, said.

Gabriel and Darien, who had the day off from school, watched from the couch. "This, for the most part, is a happy ending". "We're blessed", Chris said.

The children then chose a teddy bear. The emotional ceremonies at courthouses across the state are a long time coming for numerous families adopting.

Moira Quinn, of Rahway, now has full legal custody of her 7-year-old half-brother, Ireland. That's when he and Tracy began to explore adoption.

Her daughter, Jamie Arnold, was happy to finally have siblings.

"This family has adopted nine to date", Bartlett said.