Ever regretted sending a WhatsApp message? Now you can delete it


You can download the updated app from the link given below. Part of this is to avoid certain abuses done by hackers to victimize users all over the world. This will be applicable for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile users. It should also benefit all the small and medium businesses that use the chat app to do their business.

Your message will then be replaced by: "This message was deleted".

The recipient can still see the message as a notification - beware! Thus, it indicates that you have something that you don't want that person to know, which you accidentally sent anyway.

The process though is simple as the user will just have to tap on the message they wish to delete. You can now delete messages for everyone or just for yourself.

WhatsApp on Tuesday announced it has officially rolled out its most anticipated feature "Delete for Everyone" that allows its over one billion users revoke their messages in case they sent those to a wrong person or a group. Two is that if someone already opened and read the message, your deletion will only affect their ability to take a screenshot or search for its content later: they already saw it and that's the end of it.

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According to FactorDaily, WhatsApp Pay feature is in testing and could be launched by December.

Meanwhile, the publication's source has stated, "They are likely to do some sort of an extended beta program for the feature in November and by December you can expect a full rollout".

The feature will show up on the chat screen as a thumbnail that will display the starting location of the user and a "Live until" time. India has already scrutinized this feature before it has been released for the public.

There were a few Twitter posts suggesting that the company is soon to come up with WhatsApp payments feature soon.

This is in line with the previous rumours that WhatsApp plans to use UPI, backed by the government and also integrated by Ola, to enable payments between users. Let's see how Google's Tej, PayTM, Mobiwiki, Phone Pe and other's will counter this massive threat from Facebook's WhatsApp.