Cards Against Humanity buys a piece of the United States border


On the campaign's newly launched website, Cards Against Humanity posted the promotion video and a statement that the "government is being run by a toilet".

The "a party game for terrible people" is going to "save America" with its holiday promotion this year.

On Tuesday, the company announced it has purchased land on the border between the US and Mexico while retaining an expert eminent domain lawyer in an effort to block the infamous border wall proposed by President Donald Trump.

According to the website, if you send fifteen dollars, you'll get six America-saving surprises in December.

They also warn readers that if they voted for Trump they might "want to sit this one out".

It explains that the company has bought land and is armed with a team of lawyers, in order to take Trump's dream of building a wall as "time-consuming and expensive as possible".

Anyone willing to cough up the $15 is promised an illustrated map of the land and "a few other surprises".

Cards Against Humanity is known for holiday stunts such as its 2016 "Holiday Hole", a giant hole dug in celebration of "how everything in America is going really well".

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They describe Trump as a "preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans".

Not familiar with Cards Against Humanity?

This isn't the first time that Cards Against Humanity has embraced a cause in its own, inimitable way.

Cards Against Humanity says their campaign "saves America" and says they've purchased a piece of the border to block the construction.

Asked, "What are you saving America from?", the company answered, "Injustice, lies, racism, the whole enchilada".

Cards Against Humanity, known as "a party game for terrible people", has done holiday promotions in the past, including previous year when they dug a hole to nowhere.

As for whether the game is suddenly switch gears to become "politically correct now", the company insists, "we're just being regular correct".