Battle For Azeroth Expansion, Level Scaling In All Zones, And Vanilla Servers


World of Warcraft has changed in many ways since first launching in 2004, and Classic will hopefully recreate that original package without the server problems that plagued its release.

Now there is no word as to when World of Warcraft Classic is set to release, and Blizzard has yet to share any details beyond the short cinematic trailer, but this does mean that players won't have to put up with the drama that comes with unofficial servers. The battle is set to play out across two new continents, Kul Tiras and Zandalar, as players journey towards the new level cap, 120. As such, they seem to already be cautioning players that it will take them sometime to actually activate these servers for public use.

World of Warcraft is a game that has been part of millions of lives for a very long time now.

It wouldn't be a Blizzcon without a World Of Warcraft expansion, and this year's packed in two. The time for compromise has passed, however, and now Azeroth is on the brink of world war. All factions will work together within the confines of these new zones to recruit additional "allied races". Alliance players will be able to access Kul Tiras, while Horde players will be in Zandalar. The scaling (and re-leveling process) will eventually be applied to all of Azeroth, offering a much broader range of levels for particular zones. Battle for Azeroth has all of that, and it will give players the option to create new characters allied races, and each race will come with their own abilities and customization options.

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World of Warcraft's next major expansion was revealed live on-stage during BlizzCon 2017's opening ceremony.

Battle of Azeroth also offers several new races for players to unlock, 10 new dungeons, and new mechanics such as the Heart of Azeroth and Warfronts.

A new system of Uncharted Islands will allow groups of three players to explore discrete areas with randomized content.

A beta test for Battles for Azeroth will be taking place, and you can opt into it through the official site. There are also other battlegrounds in the pipelines, along with new arenas in Tiragarde and Zuldazar.