Australians protest against unfolding 'emergency' in offshore detention camp


More than 600 asylum seekers remain inside the Australian detention centre on Manus without food, water, electricity or security, after the facility was officially shut down on Tuesday.

Refugees and asylum seekers on Papua New Guinea 's Manus Island sat in on Saturday, in the wake of Australian advocates who took to the streets against the backdrop of Australia.

He says Australia must provide support for refugees to integrate, and certainly has a large enough diplomatic presence in Port Moresby to provide adequate assistance.

Australia is steadfastly refusing to accept the refugees, while New Zealand has offered to resettle some of them.

"The Australian government is not honest".

Ardern acknowledged the two Tasman neighbors faced different immigration problems but said the offer remained open. Fear of attack from local communities also prevents refugees from leaving the camp.

Ardern said in a statement the offer would be covered by New Zealand's existing refugee quota and applied to offshore refugees on both Manus Island and the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru.

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Colville joined the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in warning of an "unfolding humanitarian emergency" in the centre where asylum seekers began digging wells on Thursday to try to find water as their food supplies dwindled. "We will not have our immigration program, our sovereignty, our borders, outsourced to people-smugglers", he said. They include Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, Afghans, Iranians, Sri Lankans and other nationalities, and are nearly entirely men.

"We of course do not have the circumstances that Australia is operating under, but we also can not ignore the human face of what Australia is dealing with", she said.

The refugees had been pinning their hopes that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would accept a longstanding NZ offer to resettle 150 refugees. "They force us to starve". "You can't keep political hostages".

It was extended by his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern when the pair met in Sydney on Sunday.

'We should give consideration to what New Zealand is offering, ' he told Sky News on Sunday.

The relocation of the men is designed as a temporary measure, allowing the United States time to complete vetting of asylum seekers as part of a refugee swap deal, agreed on previous year, under which Australia will accept refugees from Central America.

Mr Turnbull will meet Donald Trump on the sidelines of the East Asia summit in the Philippines later this month and is facing calls to lobby for the United States president to speed up the resettlement process.