Asked if DNC system was rigged in Clinton's favor, Warren says 'yes'


She began investigating whether Clinton "rigged the nomination process" as emails hacked from the DNC and published by WikiLeaks past year had suggested, she said in an except of her new book coming out next week that appeared Thursday in Politico. Treasury calls for looser oversight of insurers Trump's tax plan and the certainty of Democratic resistance MORE (D-Mass.) said Thursday she believes the 2016 Democratic presidential primary was rigged for Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonBlumenthal: Trump-tied data firm reaching out to WikiLeaks "significant" Tillerson eliminates key State Department sanctions office: report Intel Dem: What's in dossier more important than who paid for it MORE. Brazile wrote, "I told Bernie I had found Hillary's Joint Fundraising Agreement".

When I got back from a vacation in Martha's Vineyard I at last found the document that described it all: the Joint Fund-Raising Agreement between the DNC, the Hillary Victory Fund, and Hillary for America. Essentially, Brazile claims that the fund was used to launder money to the Clinton Campaign, and in exchange the DNC received help in clearing out its debt.

Brazile further writes, "The funding arrangement with HFA and the victory fund agreement was not illegal, but it sure looked unethical".

Brazile sums it up near the end: "If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead". The emails even cast plenty of doubt on Brazile's neutrality, given she shared with the Clinton campaign details of questions to be asked at a pair of CNN forums for the Democratic candidates in March 2016, before she was interim chair but when she was still a DNC official.

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Throughout the primary, Sanders, whose populist message resonated with party's liberal base, battled with the DNC, saying the organization was showing favoritism toward Clinton by, among other things, offering a limited number of debates. The money would be deposited in the states first, and transferred to the DNC shortly after that.

"Had I known this, I never would have accepted the interim chair position, but here we were with only weeks before the election", write Brazile. 'Hello, senator. I've completed my review of the DNC and I did find the cancer, ' she says she told him. "She hadn't been very interested in controlling the party - she let Clinton's headquarters in Brooklyn do as it desired so she didn't have to inform the party officers how bad the situation was". This agreement was signed in August 2015, long before a single person voted in the primaries, but secured that Clinton would be the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

"What we've got to do as Democrats now is hold this party accountable", Warren said, adding that the current DNC chairman, former Labor Department Secretary Tom Perez is "being tested". Bernie Sanders to investigate its nomination process.