Apple HomePod's release delayed until 2018


Besides the Amazon Echo, other smart speakers include the Google Home series, the Microsoft Invoke, and upcoming models expected from Samsung (using Bixby) and Sony.

However, Apple has been keen to market the HomePod as an upgrade on home music systems rather than just its built in assistant, calling it a system that will "reinvent" music listening at home.

The HomePod was revealed at Apple's developer conference, WWDC 2017, back in June.

Apple confirmed on Friday its expensive Siri-powered smart speaker has been delayed. Well, if you've been waiting for the company to release it, you're going to have to wait a bit more now. Apple said that its smart speaker will be able to control home appliances and take basic orders.

VentureBeat has reached out to Apple for further comment on the cause of the delay.

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The Homepod is a cylindrical smart speaker that features seven-speaker arrayu of tweeters, a four-inch subwoofer, and a six-microphone array. You can stream other services to it from a smartphone, but not with Siri.

In a statement to CNBC this morning, Apple said its HomePod smart speaker will be released in 2018, not by the end of this year as originally announced.

All that being said "early 2018" is also quite the vague target date; hopefully we won't have to wait beyond January or February. If HomePod isn't shipping by March we may be waiting until late June before it shows up on store shelves.

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