Apple has fixed that annoying 'i' glitch in iOS 11.1


This past weekend it emerged some iOS 11.1 users (although it was also seen in iOS 11.0.3) couldn't type "I" as a word, without autocorrect taking over.

The patch also fixes an issue where summoning Apple's digital assistant by saying "Hey, Siri", quit working. Developers in the USA reportedly saw the the Apple Pay Cash option appear in the Messages app on the iOS 11.2 beta this week.

Apple released an iOS update on Thursday that fixed an infamous keyboard auto-correct issue.

Over the last few days, most iOS users have experienced the same peculiar bug: the letter "I" was autocorrecting to... something else. Apple finally has a fix. You'll want to have the latest version of iOS 11.1.1 installed.

This is a relatively small update, so it shouldn't take long for you to download it and rid yourself of these bugs.

Still dealing with that annoying autocorrect bug on your iPhone?

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Haven't upgraded to iOS 11?

The release, known as iOS 11.1.1, is available now as a free update.

There are a lot of other changes that are worth noting.

This is it for now, folks.

People are updating to iOS 11 at a slower rate compared to other recent updates, according to new stats released by Apple. Share your views with us in the comments.