76ers Co-Owner Michael Rubin Writes Letter to Judge on Meek Mill's Behalf


"I've only met Meek Mill once but he knows my son Julius III and he knows my friend Michael Reuben and they believe in Meek".

Democratic state Representative Jordan Harris of South Philadelphia says the Meek Mill sentencing is systematic of a larger criminal justice issue. The single was released in 2012, and in it, the rapper reflects on growing up in poverty, his initial incarceration in 2008 and how he overcame his struggles - going from handcuffs wrapped around his wrists to a Rolex watch.

The rapper was sent back behind bars on Wednesday for probation violation with a sentence of two to four years that many claimed was "unjust". He was sentenced to another five months in prison in 2014 after he violated his probation by performing out of state.

"(Meek's) frustrated, really frustrated and knows he's being treated different than anyone else", Tacopina told CNN in an interview last week.

Carmen Perez: The biggest incongruities of this case is that this young man who has worked so hard on behalf of his community, getting clean and contributing back - has had so-called "probation offenses" dogging him for more than 10 years.

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Colin went on to call the criminal justice system the "criminal (in) justice system", adding that it's "ripe with racial discrimination", and "stigmatizes, profiles, and targets young Black men for arrest at a young age, having its roots in their hyper-policed neighborhoods that they are raised in, and sadly extending into what should be a safe space-the classroom, via the school to prison pipeline".

So far, Brinkley has not commented on the matter. Meanwhile, Meek's attorney Joe Tacopina vows to appeal his client's ruling and tackle Brinkley's decision, citing that she has a personal vendetta against the Philly rapper. Tacopina said of a possible Federal Bureau of Investigation probe, "That is something that I absolutely do not have the ability to comment on".

Mill is signed to Jay Z's record label Roc Nation, which urged fans to sign the Change.org petition addressed to the board and Wolf. "If his name was John Smith, he wouldn't be in jail and he certainly wouldn't be on probation".

At that hearing, Mill's then-attorney Frank DeSimone told Brinkley that Mill wanted to discuss his experiences performing community service but "would feel more comfortable relaying some of his thoughts and experiences" to the judge in private.