You can now stream the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack


In most ways, it's more a Denis Villeneuve movie than a Blade Runner sequel; for some, that'll be an endorsement, and for others, a warning. That's why I felt compelled.

Featuring input from across the musical spectrum, from synth pop legend Gary Numan and trip-hop king Tricky, to contemporary producers like Ikonika and Hans Berg, the doc also features Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve, who sees the soundtrack as the flawless counterpoint to the film's dystopian vision. Fortunately, that vision is at least as similar aesthetically to "Arrival" as it is to "Blade Runner", the new film retaining the flying cars of the original and even giving a female replicant a hairstyle reminiscent of those from the fictional Los Angeles of 30 years earlier.

The assumption is the affection for the original will allow them to get away with this, but this may be a problem when the young'uns wander in expecting some kind of futuristic action flick. We learn that replicants were completely outlawed once the Tyrell Corporation (their primary manufacturer) went broke.

Wright, a steely actress seemingly born for the world of "Blade Runner", is speaking to her replicant detective, K (Ryan Gosling).

Although 2049 does falter in some of its more heavy-handed allusions to Christianity, and its insistence that "Dying for the right cause is the most human thing we can do", it more often eschews moral certainties, and this is where Villeneuve's film really shines. It has a mostly linear plotline with only occasional tangents into abstract concepts, so it's much easier to follow.

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However, the real star of "Blade Runner 2049", just as in the original, are the impeccable and downright gorgeous visuals, this time through the masterful eye of legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins.

"It was also a once-in-a-lifetime experience to help create the limited edition Director's Cut blend, which perfectly captures the complex and mysterious world of Blade Runner 2049". This time there is no ambiguity, we know he is a replicant.

You're also left wanting more of Leto, whose blind Niander is fascinating in just a handful of scenes. Her existence is both a fascinating and alarming look at how romance may evolve as technology evolves.

Catch a free screening of the original "Blade Runner", starring Harrison Ford, before the sequel hits theaters. It starts to drag about two hours in, leading to a final act that's far less exciting than it should be.

Bottleneck Gallery has teamed up with Warner give out these super cool Blade Runner 2049 posters, for free, at its booth (number 2160) at New York Comic-Con, during the final three days of the convention. Whether that translates into the same enduring popularity remains to be seen.