WWE Posts Update on Shane McMahon's Health After HIAC


- Below is video of AJ Styles talking to Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg on Talking Smack last night after WWE Hell In a Cell.

The dramatic entry of Sami Zayn turned out to be the biggest plot and the most talked about moment in the Hell In A Cell paper view.

Get ready for an epic smackdown. Let's take a look at every one of the night's matches and find out.

The Japanese star then beat Randy Orton in a No.1 Contenders Match to earn a rematch for the belt. But the good times did not last, and soon, the New Day would be checked into the Usos Penitentiary.

After Benjamin counters a double team from the Hype Bros, he tag in Gable to finish Ryder off and win with their own version of the Doomsday Device. This was a nice reminder that there are other teams capable of performing on Tuesday nights.

The Usos are now five-time tag team champions but this is their third run with the blue brand titles. MATTHEW BYER: While both teams have been putting in a game effort the simple reality is we've seen some variation of this match-up so many times that it has gotten tiresome.

There were hints of something happening leading up to Sunday's turn. The four men were brutal here, and their use of Kendo sticks was something The Sandman would have been proud of.

It's just as well Shane only wrestles occasionally as he'll need a while to recover from his exploits - while Owens didn't exactly come out of their clash unscathed, either. I know we always ask this, but we appreciate it.

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And if it is fight action you are after, check out the most controversial and banned finishing moves in WWE history.

The match itself was a fairly standard Orton affair and nothing particularly worth writing home about.

However you feel about wrestling, McMahon shows an unreal amount of dedication to his job, but I guess if your dad is legendary Vince McMahon then that's going to happen, isn't it? Orton slid away from the hold before he could pull it off, stood up, and caught Rusev with an RKO. Both Roode and Ziggler have something to prove.

The storyline surrounding the US Championship is yet another thing SmackDown has managed to handle well, especially when there's a third-wheel player in Tye Dillinger who has to sit on the sidelines.

The match itself was a good, if not slightly problematic encounter.

McMahon couldn't wait for the match to begin, as he jumped Owens before he stepped into the ring. So it looks like there are a few interesting options in regards to what Styles could be doing next. The fans chanting 'where's your briefcase?' was also amusing.

JOHN POWELL: If Owens is moving back into the title picture, it just makes sense that the King of Strong Style captures the title here.

The OK match was another example of WWE hitting all the right story notes.