WWE 2K18 Will Not Have Any Microtransactions, 2K Confirms


Can you smell what 2K is shoveling? New details have been revealed outlining what is new to this year's iteration. One look at the in-game shop would have you mistake it for a particularly scummy mobile game, but its actually a full priced, retail endeavor.

Thankfully, there won't be paid microtransactions in the upcoming WWE 2K18 video game.

Following the backlash regarding microtransactions in 2K's other big sports game in National Basketball Association 2K18, WWE Games Twitter seems particularly proud of not having microtransactions in the game.

A breakdown on the WWE 2K blog describes how you'll unlock these customization options for your wrestler in the game. MyPLAYER characters will now be used in both the singleplayer MyCAREER and the multiplayer Road to Glory modes. Furthermore, winning at these PPV events will give you an exclusive Superstar Part that is themed to the PPV Event. Once an items is unlocked, it is purchasable with VC.

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There are three levels of loot cases: Bronze, Silver and Gold. In the online Road to Glory, the higher you rank, the better placement you'll have on the card, and the bigger your name will be under the WWE banner.

Universe Mode will also let you build rivalries between the Superstars.

That doesn't sound particularly engaging. Bear in mind, the game will have loot boxes, but these are unlocked via in-game currency only. Who would ever think that engaging gameplay coupled with unlockable bonuses could be rewarding?