Woman Wrestles Shark Out Of Pool With Bare Hands


She made a decision to take matters into own hands to save Port Jackson shark, choosing to simply pick it up and throw it back in the ocean.

Hatheier told The ABC she's a regular in the waters in Cronulla and when she heard about the shark, she knew she had to act.

Melissa Hatheier got a call from her mother who said a shark was swimming in the rock pool that she frequents, which is right beside the ocean in Cronulla, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. She was captured by her daughter, wrestling the shark and throwing it over the edge of the pool and back into the ocean, Mirror.co.uk reported.

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Don't believe us? Cop this extraordinary video posted to Facebook by Mel's employer Cronulla Real Estate yesterday.

"So I came down, there was a bit of a crew here, and had a look and he was a little Port Jackson and was doing laps of the pool", she told Channel 9's Today show, according to The Telegraph. "Hey get some footage of me in the pool". Her mother told her there was a Port Jackson shark swimming in the water.

She added, "I was thinking I just need to put him back where he is meant to be". She made a decision to catch the shark in the shallows so she could get ahold of it. "It's a pretty spot, and I just might bump into a shark, then LIFT IT OVER MY HEAD WITH MY BARE HANDS!" He wasn't that heavy but his skin was very rough, like sandpaper. She joked while speaking on the show that "As a real estate agent I'm used to relocating people and this was similar".