Winona Ryder: 'I May Have Gone Too Far' With 'Stranger Things' Emotions


The demand is there, and now Netflix is finally meeting it with an official retro-styled Stranger Things mobile game, titled simply Stranger Things: The Game (via The Verge).

Most popular movies and TV shows have been given the "8-bit" treatment for a mock video game.

There are six dungeons to explore in locations such as Hawkins Lab, Mirkwood Forest, and Jim Hopper's house.

The game is available now for iOS and Android devices and is completely free.

The game also features numerous locations from the show such as Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab, and the Upside-Down. It has released Stranger Things: The Game, a mobile title that gives players control of the young heroes of its universe.

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In the game, each of the Stranger Things protagonists have been outfitted with their respective powers, ranging from Nancy's baseball bat to Caleb's wrist rocket.

Stranger Things 2 comes out on Netflix Oct. 27. These skills will come in use as you progress through the game, fighting enemies, solving puzzles and collecting items like Eggos and Gnomes. Get far enough and you'll also be able to unlock secret characters, season two footage and more.

Stranger Things star Winona Ryder has admitted that she approached her mother for advice when learning her character, Joyce Byers.

It's October, folks, and you know full well what this means - it's a month-long invasion of demons, skeletons, ghosts, possessed dogs, parallel reality vampire aliens, and. video game tie-ins? Thanks to a partnership between the aforementioned streaming service and Bonus XP, Stranger Things: The Game has seen the light.

The sneak peek sees Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin trick-or-treating in their Ghostbusters costumes and we get the first look at one of the new characters this season.